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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere it is :iconvassindi:

Hello, after over 2 years I'm considering returning to the land of DeviantArt.  After having a conversation with a friend I realize I miss my fans... yes I miss you guys.  My friends and fans of my works.

If any of you guys still exist out there.

Things had happened and I needed some time to think things over.

Will I come back to this account?  Maybe.  I might make a new one and publish my stuff under that name even though it will probably still have my Kradchan water mark.  Actually I will change my account.

Why not stick with Kradchan? As much as that has been my name for many years over the internet I think it associates with some bad times in my life and I think it's best to let the name go.  When I figure out what it is I will post it.

What have I been doing for the past couple of years I've been gone? Growing up. I've moved out of my mom's house and I live with my long-time boyfriend. (over a year and a half is pretty long lol)  I still play WoW.  But have moved around on servers before settling in on the one I play on now (just hit my 4th 85 last night!) I haven't written in a while but still draw occasional.  I play a bit of Warhammer (table top) and Magic: The Gathering with friends.  And somewhere in there I go to work LOL!!

When will I make a decision?  I dunno.  But would you guys LIKE to see me back?

I miss you guys. :heart:


I changed my link on my signature for my comments to be right xD
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KasiaDraws Mar 2, 2011  Student General Artist
D: waaah i didnt get 2 finish the Dark/Krad fanfics!!!!
High fiiive! 8D
WoW is awesome~
I'M IN AZ NOW!!!!!!!

I got here last wednesday but i've had to unpack and stuff. i'm not sure what we are doing but if you wanna meet up, tell me a good time. i'll see if i can. :hug:
Holy crap I haven't been on DA in a while x_x rough couple of weeks. Hm... you're in AZ now... we should totally meet up sometime soon. (:

I'll send you my address so you know where i live. are you gonna go to Saboten-con this Oct.
If I'm still around in October... where is it going to be at?
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